Alright, we’re not typically ones for sappy love stories, but in some cases, they’re just too genuine and epic to knock.
Let me explain: after his first date with his girlfriend, Becca Strellnauer, Hyer knew he was going to marry her (like Ted). So every time he visited a new country (26 in total, over a four-year span), he added footage to his proposal video, set to the Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” (Ted’s favorite song). When Hyer proposed, he told Strellnauer, “The greatest adventure in my life is [you] and now I want to travel with [you] as opposed to alone” (which is totally something Ted would say).
And then she died, and Hyer hooked up with his original girlfriend. And that, kids, is how Jack Hyer met your mother.
Watch the video, which is so sweet that it doesn’t matter that his lip-dubbing is seriously off.
 via Huffington Post

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