These mats are available for about 100 to 200 dollars if you were to buy them pre-made. But, that’s a little expensive, so here is how to make your own!
Here is what you need to make this happen: 

-Your favorite kind of Moss 

-Some kind of high density foam, about 2.5cm or 1 inch thick

-Silicone sealer

-Posterboard or something similar for creating stencils

-Sharp knife

-A marker

-A spray bottle and water

Putting it together:

Start by deciding what size mat you want. Make sure you have enough for two layers of foam. Then, choose a shape for your mat. You need to create a few cutout holes for your moss to sit. You can shape the cutouts however you wish. But keep in mind, any shaping of edges needs to be done to both pieces of foam, but the cutouts where you put the moss will only be on the top layer. Now, you can use the marker to trace the shapes onto the foam and using the sharp knife cut these holes out. Make sure to cover the mat with moss holes. Keep small sections and it will prevent the moss from growing too much.
Now you are ready to seal the mat. Using a silicone caulk will create a water-tight environment for the moss. Apply the sealant to the bottom side of the top layer with cutouts, and make sure each section and edges will be sealed flush. Now you simply press the 2 layers together, and clean up any extra that may have squeezed out the side. Use something heavy to press down the layers until the sealant has dried.
Now it’s time to prep the mat. When the mat is ready for moss, it will first need to be prepped to ensure longevity. Plant the moss after spraying the cut outs gently with water. Insert the moss into the cutouts, until all the holes are covered.

Depending on the species of moss you chose, you may need to water it daily because just the drips from your shower once a day won’t be enough. Use the spray bottle to mist the moss mat for a couple of months while it gets established. Try to keep it moist without over-watering it.
The Moss Bath Carpet was designed by Nguyen La Chanh and you can buy them for $100-$200 dollars pre-made if you really wish by googling his name and this product or you can make it yourself! We hope you enjoyed this article and share it with your friends. Thanks for reading and we hope you have a great day.
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