If you grew up with a pet, you'll definitely appreciate this! How much more fun can you possibly have!?

“My dog loves my baby…he always licks him!” This is a comment from parents that will trigger me to ask many questions they may find silly such as: Describe the licks for me…are they fast, slow, quick and then dog moves away? Is it a full tongue or tiny bit? Full lick or quick flick? Is the child sitting and the dog approaches or vice versa, what level of mobility does the child have, is food present or remnant? So many questions…right??? But these questions help us to gather information to help us try to understand what the dog may be communicating. Details,context and patterns are essential aspects in understanding our dogs.

Here is a video that shows an example of a behavior pattern I have observed over the years in many dog and baby/toddler cases. (SubFeed)
Credits: Petflow
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