Wallace the Pit Bull is an amazing dog who beat all the odds. After a diagnosis with hemangiosarcoma, a rapid-forming cancer typically found in dogs, Wallace was given two-to-three months without chemo — but his dad knew he was a fighter.

In this video, we celebrate with Wallace on his 11th birthday post-diagnosis — after going seven months chemo-free!! To make sure his day was extra special, dad gives him the most incredible birthday, full of treats and one huge box of goodies. When he opens the box, Wallace is SO happy and excited about his present that it instantly made me tear up. I don’t think it’s possible to watch this special day without crying tears of joy for Wallace and his grateful father.

Even if all the presents have since been destroyed (and I’m sure they have!) it’s worth every bit to see Wallace happy and healthy. Dogs are the greatest gifts of all!

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Credit: This post firstly appeared on Petflow's blog.
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