Active-duty soldier Pfc. Paul Ieti, 21, recently completed a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan. While in the war-ravaged country, he used music to soothe his soul and entertain his fellow soldiers. He would also post his songs on his YouTube channel, drawing hundreds of thousands of views.
Ieti, a Petroleum Supply Specialist with Company A, 603rd Aviation Support Battalion, told Army Public Affairs in April:
"Ever since the first video went viral, I received stories about how [my videos] relate to their life and how it makes their day."

This soldier used to sing to help forget the fear and danger of battle. But now he's facing another fear and just wait until you see the judge's reaction to his performance!

The Military Times reports Ieti performed the Rhianna song "Stay," in which he displayed his amazing vocal range:
That range floored the four-member “America’s Got Talent” panel consisting of Mandel, Mel B. of Spice Girl fame, supermodel Heidi Klum and radio legend Howard Stern. Mel B. and Klum bounded onto the stage for hugs after the performance. Stern, to further applause from the crowd, followed suit.
 Credit: Article courtesy of kbps where was originally featured.
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