There's a right way of cutting a cake, and the wrong one. There's a scientific explanation to it. British author and broadcaster Alex Bellos reveals.

According to this video, we’ve all been doing it wrong all along. This way of cutting cake is considered the “scientific” way, because it ensures that
A) The cake is not destroyed
B) You can save the uneaten portion for later and it’ll be just as fresh as it was when it was uncut!

A round, delicious and breathtaking blueberry cheese cake is waiting to be gorged by a group of children who have come to 10-year-old Neeti’s house for her birthday. As she blows the candle and holds the knife, her friends clap and sing happy birthday to her.
I think it’s pretty genius, and the next time I have cake (which isn’t too often these days… ) I’m definitely going to try this!
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This is how Neeti cut her birthday cake | Source: Youtube
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