A Florida teen who was arrested and charged for torturing a gopher tortoise is now facing sex charges after an encounter with an underage boy.

Jennifer Greene, 18, is already facing animal cruelty charges for the incident involving the threatened gopher tortoise, and now, an underage boy is alleging that he had sex with Greene multiple times.

The victim reportedly told investigators that the two were playing hide and seek last month when he initiated a conversation about sex. The two soon began to engage in multiple sex acts, and at the time, Greene was 17 years old. Now, Greene has been charged with lewd and lascivious battery on an underage boy, but because she was 17 when the incident took place, she is being charged as a juvenile. Greene also faces an animal cruelty charge for lighting a threatened gopher tortoise on fire and stomping on it until it was dead. The teen and a friend captured the cruel act on camera, and once it was posted online, authorities were able to track the girls down. If convicted of the animal cruelty charge, Greene could face five years in prison. She’s currently being held on $50,000 bond.
 Source: Opposingviews where this article was originally featured.
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