If you are like the most part of people there’s a good chance you find house cleaning pretty boring.
The 20 following hacks will hopefully help you clean your house faster and in a funnier and more creative way.
As usual, if you want to share with us other cleaning hacks you know, feel free to leave a comment below the post.
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1. Pick up broken glass

2. Blender cleaner

3. Grill cleaner

4. Dryer sheet redux

5. Vacuum vomit easily

6. Remove bathub ring

7. Clean your pet’s fur

8. Oven cleaner

9. Deep clean your sink

10. Couch cleaner

11. Water rings cleaner

12. Clean your mattress

13. Sanitize sponges

14. How to clean a coffee or spice grinder

15. Clean carpet stains

16. Grease stains

17. Quick dryer

18. Dishwasher cleaner

19. Grill cleaner

20. Fan blades cleaner

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