This is every parent’s worst nightmare. One afternoon when Rick and Teresa Hester had taken their four-year-old daughter to a local music store, an SUV speeding at over 100 miles an hour ripped through the concrete wall of a music store, right over where Little Elise was playing the drums. Teresa called out to her daughter twice with no response. They had thought she died. But what happened next is nothing short of a miracle.
Four-year-old Elise stepped out of the debris — without a scratch. When her mother asked how she’d got off the drums, the little girl replied that Jesus had picked her up and moved her.
“I said, ‘Are you okay?’ And she said, ‘I’m fine.’ And I said, ‘Well, Elise, how did you get off the drums?’” Teresa told “‘You were right there on them.’ And she said, ‘Well, Jesus picked me up and moved me, Mom.’ She said that when He picked her up, He picked her up with one hand. And she said, ‘He has really big hands, mommy, and it felt like I was in water.’”
Flooded with emotion, the Hester family couldn’t believe their little girl was alive and well, and since then, her story hasn’t changed! Watch more of their harrowing story below and be sure to SHARE with your family and friends.
Credits: Petflow
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