Below is a video of a recent UFO sighting that took place in Sa0 Paulo, Brasil in early August of this year. The footage is extremely clear and shows multiple objects that are clearly unidentifiable.
Remember, “UFO” refers to an unidentified flying object, and they are constantly tracked on airport and military radar. To read more about that and to look at some more specific examples, please clickHERE. 
There are plenty of UFO videos floating around on YouTube, with little doubt that many of them are fake. On the other hand, the rate of  UFO incidents continues to climb so much that people are witnessing them for themselves. The UFO problem has been examined in detail for a very long time, especially in South America. You can read more about that after the video

Credits: Article courtesy of collective-evolution's blog where was partially featured.

How To Decipher Between What’s Real and What Isn’t

Than click here for many examples of authentic documented UFO encounters.
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