Eldad Hagar and his amazing team at the Hope For Paws organization are saving strays from the streets of Los Angeles one rescue at a time. However, trying to capture dogs who have been abandoned, abused or have had no contact with humans or other animals can prove to be very difficult and dangerous, but it can also have the best reward.
In this touching rescue video, Hagar got the call that a dog had been living in a shopping center parking lot for weeks and no one could catch the animal. Although he doesn’t recommend this method for every rescue, Hagar decided the only way to catch the dog, PJ, was to trap him in his sleep. Understandably, the dog was not happy… and woke up very frightened.
What PJ doesn’t know is that the scare in the middle of the night will be well worth it. His life just changed forever and he will never have to be scared by loud cars, strange humans and other stray dogs again. The way this dog went from rescue to rebound is exactly why all dogs deserve a second chance – no matter what they’ve been through.
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Credits: This entry was originally featured on Petflow's blog.
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