It’s that time of the year when fresh fruit starts taking over our refrigerator shelves and gourmet fruit baskets are being delivered.  There is nothing better than going to a barbecue and enjoying an ice cold adult beverage, a burger hot off the grill, and a fresh slice of pineapple or my favorite, watermelon.  One of the biggest issues we all face when it comes to watermelon is the best way to slice it.  To me, as long as it is edible and there is very little work on my end that has to be done to consume it, I’m good to go.  But, after experiencing this life hack, I will never go back to slicing watermelon any other way.  All you have to do is follow the diagram below and not only will your watermelon be easier to eat, it will also store longer in the fridge than if it was cut any other way.  You could also look to use this method to add fresh watermelon to a fruit basket to send to a loved one or for yourself.

When I ate watermelon, though, I usually cut it into wedges, and I’m sure you do too. Watch this video for a completely different way to serve watermelon, you’ll love it!
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Credits: Lifecheating
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