When John Yerty first got his beautiful dog Bella he was baffled as to why she couldn’t eat. Every time he would put food down, poor Bella would attempt it but she literally couldn’t swallow the food. Puzzled, John and his wife brought Bella to the vet to try to figure out what was going on with their precious pooch.
After a few x-rays and tests they could not believe what they found. Poor Bella was born with a birth defect called megaesophagus, which paralyzes the esophagus and leaves Bella unable to swallow her food. John knew that if left untreated, poor Bella would likely die.
John heard about a devices called the “Bailey Chair,” named after a dog that too suffered from the defect, and works by having a dog sit upright and eating like a human and allowing the food and water to make it’s way to her stomach by gravity. Thrilled that he had found a way to “cure” Bella, he built a Bailey Chair and she took to it immediately!
Bella is living proof that there is no greater bond between a man and his dog!
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Credits: Article courtesy of Petflow.
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