In Pico Rivera, California, a man in his 50′s was shot dead by police in front of his own grandchildren after walking outside of his house during an 8 hour police standoff. He walked out of his house while a wanted man took involuntary refuge in his home.
A man wanted for parole violation and stealing a car was spotted by police earlier that day, and he fled.
Cedric Ramirez, the 24 year old parolee, allegedly shot at the police as he fled and the police apparently gave themselves the authority to kill anyone around him in order to capture him.
Like the recent Stockton, California bank robbery, here are the cops again, killing hostages with no consequence. Everyone here is guilty it seems.
The wanted man ended up breaking into a home and holding a family hostage for 8 hours.
For some reason, the grandfather who was being held hostage decided to step outside, and the police instantly shot him.
Here’s a local news video report on the incident:

It seems they simply shot the first person to walk out that door. It could have been any one of the innocent people inside. His grandchildren were ducking behind a car nearby as his grandfather walked outside, details have not been released to explain why these people were in these positions during this situation. It seems like the kids could easily have been shot by the police too.
His 8 and 10 year old grandchildren witnessed his death and the police are yet to face any consequence for this.
A SWAT team later entered the home and killed the man who held the family hostage. The parolee did instigate this in a way by committing the crimes in the first place, but the police cannot continue to get away with shooting and killing people because of alleged incompetence. This situation is gross beyond words because it continues to redundantly illustrate the big picture of police ‘incompetence’ in America. What it boils down to is not incompetence, but pure sociopathy, sometimes to the degree of psychopathy, with the moral veil of authority in the minds of the officers and complicit.
There is no valid excuse for murder, no matter who you are. How probable is it that you get shot by the police for their alleged incompetence?
Source: The Anti Media
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