Not a lot I can say or add to this video I came across on facebook the other day.
It just makes me very sad when people show no feelings or have any conscience by letting a dog get in this state.

BUT it made me happy and tearful to know that there are also wonderful people out there who have the biggest heart's and came to her rescue, helped her to get well, to feel loved and to find her a safe, loving family to help her mend and trust again.
Take a look here

 Pit fights are one of the things that upsets me most out of anything else in this world. What a gentle beautiful dog. Im so thrilled to see she was given a second chance! I hope and pray the people who used her for bait are found and put in a bears den so they can know exactly what that beautiful puppy went through. This world is so cruel, but it's people like this who can truly make a great impact on giving second chances. Great job you guys!
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