It’s no secret that big stadiums are notorious for overcharging their patrons for beer, hot dogs, popcorn and even water bottles. When you go to a major sporting event, it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you get hungry and/or thirsty, you’re going to end up paying through the nose!
After this video was posted to YouTube by a Seattle Seahawks fan, people have understandably become outraged by the stadium’s sneaky beer sales tactic… and it makes me question what else the loyal fans out their are getting ripped-off on! In the video, the fan says that at Seattle’s Qwest Field, the “large” beer that costs $8.50 holds the EXACT same amount as the small draught beer that costs only $7.25. These prices are far from the worst I’ve seen, but overcharging for thousands of beers at every game DEFINITELY adds up!
The company that makes the cups says that although the smaller cup is sold as a 16 oz. beverage, it actually holds 20 oz. of beer, so the people buying the smaller beer actually lucked out, as they paid for 4 oz. less. To me, this is just a dumb way of trying to twist their way out of a major lawsuit!
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This is just NOT cool! More people need to know about this, because it could save us all a lot of money! What a scam, right?!

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