Everyone makes spelling or grammar mistakes sometimes. (I ain't not guna deny that.) For this, though? Grammar nerds, unite.
You'll be tearing out your hair after seeing these blatantly awful grammar mistakes (hopefully you'll be laughing while you do). It's funny how one little misspelling can result in an entirely different, and hilarious, message.

1.) Be careful, it's "Hunter" season.

2.) This figure seems a bit high.

3.) A lot of those elderly children running around these days?

4.) Think these popsicles are a bit embarrassed?

5.) Somehow I don't think they wanted us to be rebels.

6.) Yeah, I hate boots too.

7.) I weep for the future.

8.) Well, that just got real.

9.) Hospital food, you fail again.

10.) Witches on Facebook, almost as scary as when your parents got on there.

11.) Either horrible or awesome, you decide.

12.) I guess he finally left the Krusty Crab.

13.) Finally, we're recognizing the true heroes.

14.) Furniture stores are really branching out.

15.) And the secret (sauce) comes out...

16.) There's got to be a chicken around here somewhere.

17.) Zombies have joined the police force. You're warned.

18.) Is this a church or a CULT?

19.) Politics just got interesting.

20.) Never, never eating pancakes again.

21.) Please don't make this funnier by telling me he's from the South.

22.) Because that's a common mistake...

22.) Because that's a common mistake...

23.) Marking your territory, human style.

24.) Maybe just ONE?

25.) Witches take their warnings very seriously.

26.) Rachael Ray, I always knew you were a monster.

(H/T: Distractify) Credits: ViralNova

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