Linda Bannon was born without arms. She suffers from a rare genetic disorder that affects bone growth. Linda is a resilient woman and has never let her condition stop her from living a less than fulfilling life. Although she tried wearing prosthetic limbs, she stopped and learned how to do everything using just her feet.
It's exactly that sort of resilience that's reflected in Linda's nine-year-old son Timmy, who was also born without arms. Together, they do everything in their daily lives using only their feet. Truly inspirational. 

Linda and her son Timmy were born with Holt-Oram syndrome.

The disease affects bone growth, and can even cause heart problems.

Linda says her husband Rich embraced her disability.

The couple married in 2004.

She's taught herself how to do most things just using her feet.

Linda says she plans to become a motivational speakers for those with similar disabilities.

Her nine-year-old son Timmy, also born without arms, is just like any other little boy, said Linda.

Timmy regularly attends taekwondo classes, swims, and plays video games using his feet.

Before he was born, Linda and Rich knew from the scans that he did not have arms.

With Linda's help, he's taught himself to use his legs for just about everything, including playing guitar.

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