This Marine just came home to the most incredible gift. He met his new baby boy for the very first time, and watching this reunion had me in tears!
Credits: Godvine

Written by Meline, guest writer for SubFeed blog.

When my husband came home last year, the best thing I did was make sure we had a meeting spot. So many people were looking for their Soldier, it was a mad house. Pick a spot and let him know. There was a big potted tree on the right side of the terminal they came in at, that's where I stood, it drove me INSANE to wait for him to come to me, I wanted to run and hunt just as everyone else was doing, but my Soldier found me faster than I could find him. Your little one may be overwhelmed by the running, screaming, crying, and chaos so to keep him off to the side to stand there and wait for his daddy may be a bit less stressful for him too. As soon as the Commander said dismissed, he was in my arms in moments. It is really really hard to know what to expect, everyone is different and every reunion is different. Go with the flow and don't put too much pressure on yourselves. It will all fall into place. Also, that last week is pure H377 so what I did was prepared meals for his first week home and froze them. I didn't want to spend a second longer in the kitchen than I had to when he was home. He got all his favorite meals and I got time with him. Good luck and have a wonderful reunion!
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