What you are about to see is NOT an illusion – this cat was born this way!

Meet Venus, the amazing Chimera cat, who was born with a two-toned face and two different colored eyes. On her YouTube page “VenusMommy”, the cat’s owner, Christina, posted this video of her little beauty just hanging out and being adorable. Since the internet discovered Venus, she’s become quite the sensation. She even has her own tagline – “0% Photoshopped, 100% Born This Way”.

Christina says she and her husband first fell in love with this genetic miracle when they saw photos of her online. Can you imagine this cutie as a kitten? What’s not to love about her – she’s beyond gorgeous!

One look into this goddesses’ eyes and you’ll NEVER forget Venus! Isn’t she incredible?!

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  Credits: littlethings
I have seen people with one brown eye & the other blue - but never seen an animal with the hair devised black to golden like this cat.

Wonder if the cat has a split personality? Beautiful but strange!
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