As ISIS continues to expand its operations in the Middle East, it is more urgent than ever for this group to enact sustainable policies that will have the least impact on our environment. Here are some expert tips to help the Islamic State go green!

1. Purchase carbon offsets

Driving one standard truck from Mosul to Tikrit releases more than 225 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. Using a carbon offset company like can make those resupplying runs carbon neutral.

2. Reduce number of security checkpoints


Requiring cars to stop at a military checkpoint leads to fuel inefficiency and idling engines, especially if an ISIS agent has to search the vehicle. Limiting checkpoints to one every 20 miles provides similar security with significantly lower emissions!

3. Avoid setting oil wells on fire

ISIS recently made headlines by setting three oil wells on fire in northern Iraq. When fossil fuels burn, they release high concentrations of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere—a major cause of climate change. If ISIS hopes to reduce its carbon footprint, it should refrain from igniting any more oil wells going forward.

4. Eat locally

Instead of wasting fuel to transport food, it would be more efficient—and delicious!—for ISIS militants to stick to the local fare of each new city they conquer.

5. Take public transportation
ISIS can say goodbye to the hassles of parking and getting stuck in traffic if militants choose to travel by train or bus instead of driving gas-guzzlers like tanks and cars. What’s more, they’d be helping all of us say goodbye to climate change.
Credits: clickhole
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