After this kid call the cops on his own mother, this cop comes to the scene, talk to the kid and helps this kid, not only with good advice, but put the kid in a bed, gets him some things he needs, and look like he's making a positive change in this kids life, and I don't see this in the news, no one is making a big deal over thi. I SAY HATS OFF TO THE COP FOR JUST BEING A REAL MAN, ALL COPS ARE NOT BAD, AND IT'S REAL MEN OUT THERE!!!! Thank officer for doing our job!!!

This boy called the cops after a fight with his mom. However, after responding to the call, Officer Acerra quickly realized that this boy had a reason to be angry: his bedroom was empty, and he didn't even have a place to sleep. Therefore, this guardian angel took it upon himself to give the boy a queen-sized bed, a TV, a desk, a chair, and even a Wii gaming system.

This young man found a lifelong friend in the cop that changed his whole life with one random act of kindness. Stories like this are truly powerful, and we could all learn a thing or two from Officer Acerra's selflessness.

Watch below.

Credits: Gruntig FiveSevenSevenFour
There are Police who are very kind, and who try to do the right thing. This officer went way beyond the call of duty.
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