There are many ways to prevent crying while we cut onions, like putting it in the freezer for a few minutes, then cut it under running water or cutting off both ends and then peal off the first layer or even using contact lenses to avoid crying while cooking.
Did you ever know that the end of onion is what making our eyes tear !!

Jack Scalfani has an unique method to share with us, no goggles required.

Credits: Cooking with Jack Show on Youtube

Here's another one, if you have the cold or flue, cut an onion very small so there is lots of surface area,. place it at the side of your bed as close to your face as possible and see how you are the next morning, also put some close to your skin. What happens with this remarkable vedgy is it draws all the bacteria out of the surrounding air and if close to the skin out of you,. you will see the next morning the onion is discoloured, throw it away, also do not under any circumstances when cooking put half an onion in the fridge to use later, it will draw all bacteria from your fridge and surrounding air and you could be very sick.
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