Having taught college, you get a few students like this. They drop out quickly. There is little you can do to help them.

Although I have tried, just to see if there is any value in helping them. The real question would be answered by a long term study that follows them around life with control groups that you leave alone or just tell to piss off.

 I have oft thought this would be a very interesting study to run on people.

As a demonstration of how NOT to communicate with your professor, this teacher goes through an example email noting point by point how awful it is. Hilarious…

Sounds like someone has the impression that tuition is payment for having a prof screw off the lid on the top of your head, pour "learning" in, screw the lid back on, and pat you on the back as you meander on through life without expending any energy aside from faux cleverness. A college student whose budget doesn't set aside plenty for books is delusional and not ready to take advantage of what makes college worth the money.
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