I have seen a lot of funny animal pics but this is just great when I would turn on the vac and my cat was sleeping she would fly up in the air and run like hell

I think it would be funnier at the end if he started singing in a reverberated voice...."If I could turn back tiiiiiiime." (like Cher.) LOL

Reminds me of a cat I had once. She let me vacuum her using the hose. No brushes, just the hose. When she had enough, she got up and left. She had me laughing soooo hard!

The best comment about this adorable cat we found is...

That's the first cat that I've seen that wasn't afraid of a vacuum cleaner.

Now I wish my two cats aren't scared of the vacuum cleaner... It would have been easier to groom 'em by vacuuming their loose furs :D
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