I listened to his speech and he was spot on. It's great to hear a real man stand up against domestic violence.

This is an excellent commentary. However, what is the justification for scantily clad "cheerleaders" at football and basketball games? These women contribute absolutely NOTHING at all to the game. They are there for one reason and one reason only. To give men something to leer over for purely sexual reasons. It is long paste time that sports no longer used women as sex objects for the entertainment of men. If the NFL wanted to make a real statement about this issue, doing away with cheerleaders would be a great place to start.

AND women, let's be stronger ... let's stop tearing each other DOWN and support each other. Let's share our strength with the sister we know is suffering ... let's assist her in getting away and getting help. Stop turning a blind eye when we know it is happening.
Credits: Tony Manfred
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