With Labor Day passing and all the kids back in school, we can now set our sights on joys of Fall! The next couple months will be about state fairs, pumpkin flavored coffee, the changing of the leaves, and of course, apple picking!!
As we all know too well, while apple picking is a great experience for the whole family, having a giant bag of apples sit on the counter about to go bad isn’t! A few days afters your family trip to the orchard, the kids are sick of getting apples in their lunches and you cant find any more coworkers to take some off your hands. So, it’s time to creative by making apple jams and the American classic: apple pie!
While apple pie is well worth all the prep time once a forkful hits those tastebuds, peeling all those apples can be quite a pain! Well, have no fear, because this man has come up with one of the most genius ways to peel an apple in just seconds flat, thanks to the good old fashion power tool!
This video will make you rethink your entire dessert plan for tonight because not only will this trick cut down on your prep but it also looks like a heck of a lot of fun!
Enjoy and please SHARE this video with your fellow bakers!

Credits: Petflow's blog
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