Parenting: by far the most fullfilling, fun-filled, and most ridiculously difficult challenges you’ll ever face in life. Some people get the hang of it – eventually – but any new parent can tell you how terrifying the thought of tiny people being completely dependent on you can be.

With that in mind, we put together a collection of quick, cheap, and easy tricks to make the road ahead a little bit smoother.

1. It may look a little strange, but this cap keeps the baby’s eyes safe from shampoo.

(The baby doesn't look thrilled to be wearing it, though.)

2. This remedy for coughing babies really does the trick.
3. This is perfect for keeping track of twins! Just as long as you remember who’s A and who’s B...

4. A little courtesy to fellow passengers can go a long way towards making traveling with kids easier.

5. Get them helping with chores from an early age. Just don’t violate any child labor laws, LOL.
6. Zip ties will keep baby gates safely attached in place, and make for easy removal later.
7. Maxi-pads are a great tool for the transitional stages of potty training, helping catch minor accidents.
8. Once outgrown, a crib can be converted into your child’s first desk.
9. Got kids that like to roll out of bed? This is the perfect solution.
10. Using a landry basket in the tub helps toys stay within reach.
11. A temporary tattoo can be really useful in a crowded, chaotic situation.
12. The secret every parent should know: baking soda will clean pretty much anything! Yes, even vomit (just mix with water)!
13. Baking soda is also great for removing pesky splinters.
14. Put a cucpcake cup around a popsicle to avoid sticky, drippy messes later.
15. Use an old plastic bottle to make the sink more accessible for children.
16. Using a cut pool noodle helps prevent slamming doors... or little hands getting caught in them.
17. Got a sturdy table and a cloth? Instant kid hammock.
18. Sprinkle Tooth Fairy money with a little glitter to give it that magical appeal.
19. Shoe racks provide excellent car storage for long road trips.
20. Use a tissue paper to teach your kids how to properly hold a pencil.

21. A used DVD case can become a traveling art kit.
22. Hold a sliced apple together with rubber bands to prevent the slices from turning brown.
23. Avoid strawberry stems by using a straw.
24. It’s important to provide the right motivation.
25. Motivation comes in MANY forms!

Parenting is a great adventure but, like any adventure, it helps to be prepared. Hopefully some of these tips will help you handle the challenge just a little bit better.

Credit: ViralNova , Wimp
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