What would you do if you found this sitting in your closet?

But wait, look closer.. it’s not what you think it is.

This is actually a block of wood that was carved and painted by master woodworker Randall Rosenthal.

He started by gluing three pieces of white pine to make one solid block.

The glue dried and he was able to get started.

Randall visualizes how he wants it to appear when he’s done while he carves.

Now you can see the flaps of the box and the stacks inside.

He adds corrugation to the front flap and carves more of the wood from the inside.

“I see it in my mind and rather than try and make a few big cuts I make a lot of little cuts… However, I do it fast. One thing I do is make everything slightly larger than I really think it should be. Later I will trim back and it will give it a look of complexity. It’s more about tenacity than anything else. The stacks fall out randomly the way they do and there is no short cut to an honest rendition of them.”

And now it’s time to paint.

Randall puts so much detail into the bills, it’s so believable!

He finished all of the stacks of bills.

Randall explains, “It’s hard to believe but the single greatest challenge for me is getting the cardboard right. It’s not like you can buy a tube of cardboard paint. What I do now is put on light washes of color and kind of sneak up on it till I’m happy. No one would believe how many thin coats of paint this takes.”

Here’s some of Randall’s other sculptures.

Notepad with a sketch

Comic books

A wooden box with a piece of paper

An envelope filled with cash

Maps and travel documents


Notebooks with baseball cards

A box of baseball cards

A cutting board and a recipe book. Can you believe this?!

You have to agree this man is not only a master woodworker and painter, he is a genius! To see more of his mind-blowing work, visit his website. 
Credit: viralnova, lifebuzz

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