By Amy Cook
I am thinking that guy is going to have a GREAT honeymoon! How romantic and beautiful.....these types of men, are the ones who make us fall in love with them over and over. Why? because they try.Not to mention he has some really hot moves too.... Congratulations!
Hands up to the groom, and his friends, you guys are so awesome! Lucky bride!

It was Sean Rajaee's wedding night, and he had one surprise left for his beautiful bride. When she least expected it, he and his friends broke out into an impressive dance routine!
According to the sister of the groom, the groomsmen only had a few hours to practice since some of them had flown in last minute from all over the country. I know I'd be anxious keeping the practice as a secret!

The songs they dance to include the Backstreet Boys, which is the bride's favorite band. How special! She'll remember that for the rest of her life!

Credits: Sfglobe
Wow Girl that was Beautiful must be a special lady for him in so many ways to do that.!!. Absolutely Beautiful and filled my heart and brought tears to my eyes
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