We should all be so lucky to have a conversation like this with our loved ones. Life is a risk regardless of what we do and we should all let the people we love know we are better because we had the chance to love and be loved.

It shows how much she loves her family, what a great life she's had, and that if she were to die it would all be fine. I hope she had those same thoughts prior to the last surgery. You will be missed by so many, but mostly by your family and dear friends.

This footage obviously isn't from the fateful surgery that ultimately led to Joan Rivers' untimely death, it is still an incredibly poignant piece that allows the viewer a glimpse into the comedy legend's views on her own mortality. Credits: Jim Maddox via YouTube
Truly a great Mom! She loved her daughter so much she let her know that she was the most important thing and opened a window for her to look through. 
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