Did you really think that it couldn’t get worse than Ferguson, worse than the previous incidents you’ve seen of the police killing innocent people?

Maybe you have never visited Texas.

In one of the most shockingly brutal incidents seen in a very long time, a man in Laredo, Texas ‘armed’ with a simple pellet gun was shot by police about 80 times, until he ‘had no face’. No, they did not use shotguns; they shot him with pistols until his face was obliterated by the bullets. He was mentally ill (schizophrenic), armed with nothing more than a pellet gun. Image: YouTube screen grab
Yes, you read that correctly; 80 times. Can you comprehend that.

6 officers were placed on administrative leave after they fired over 80 shots at 30 yr old Jose Walter Gaza’s face.

Not only that but the incident was captured on video, and it shows nothing but the police murdering him in cold blood and handcuffing his corpse, no threatening gestures by the victim although the video abruptly begins with the man rolling into the scene; the part where he is shot is not in the scene.

The video is highly disturbing, but here it is:

The cousin of the victim, Andrea Martinez said “He wouldn’t get aggressive, he wouldn’t hurt anyone, He’s a good kid. “Why didn’t they shoot him in the leg, or the arm or something? Not like that.”

Please share this with absolutely as many people as you possibly can. If you can’t get a person to recognize our problem with corrupt, violent police with any other incident, this is the incident that will make them unable to deny it. Let’s oppose this to the point where police can not get away with this, so this will not continue to happen. This might be one of the very most brutal incidents of police killing an innocent person.
Credits: Written by Cassius Methyl from The Anti Media where this article was originally featured.
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