It's very clear that the cat is well fed outside of the treats used to "bait" the tricks, just look at the body shape, coat quality, movement, bright eyes. Training a cat, or any animal, well involves making rewarding, fun experiences out of the teaching so that they remain interested and inclined to participate (training through fear - yelling, hitting - is far less effective, especially with cats) and you can't do that without spending a LOT of time directly engaged with the animal.

Learning also keeps their brains agile, just as with humans, so it is a beneficial activity; our pets get bored too. By your statement, you seem to suggest it would be better to just throw some food down and let them hang around like mindless lumps rather than spending time playing games with them and exercising their brains.  
That cat is simply beautiful, can't understand why no one would want it, his tricks are only a bonus!!!
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