Looks like solar distillation plants (to do this on a larger scale) could be created in the U.S. in those states that have been suffering through a severe drought. Many cities have been rationing water because the lakes are so low. There is one north Texas town where the caps on the fire hydrants had to be locked because people kept stealing water.

Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti (@GabDiamanti) has invented Eliodomestico, an eco-distiller running on solar power, to provide safe drinking-water for people in developing countries: a very simple way to produce healthy, bacteria-free water. Eliodomestico is an open source project.

This ingenious distiller was the winner at Core77 Design Award 2012 – social impact category and finalist at the Prix Émile Hermès 2011 competition. For more info and to donate to this project, click here.

Watch the video posted below to see how it works.

Credits: TheAntiMedia
I'll be sad when I hear that the guy who made this ends up dead somewhere for no apparent reason
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