This is quite possibly one of the best marketing tricks around! Think about it. When the barista misspells someone's name, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of those upset or amused people will take a photo of it. They will then upload it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, just to show the misspelled name on it, which also shows the Starbucks logo. BAM! You've just been subjected to Instant Memory Recognition and Product Name Association. Congrats. You've been repeatedly used, tricked and tested on without your knowledge. Well, that is until now.

"My name is Bob," you tell the Starbucks barista.

But you aren't surprised when your cup comes back with the scribblings, "Bahwbuh."

That's because Starbucks baristas misspell customers names all the time.

But have you ever wondered why?

In this video from comedian Paul Gale, we are clued in to the meaningful and ultra powerful reason baristas spell your name wrong.

Hint: It's not because they misheard you, or because they don't know how to spell "Bob." No, sir. It's a little more messed up than that.

Credits: HuffingtonPost
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