There are SO many foster kids that fall through the cracks like these two young men.

Now, that's somebody who did something about a situation, in the best possible way! So glad he gave those boys the thing they needed most......a home and somebody who cares!
That's what this world needs a Dad that will be there for his kids. Ups Downs and teach them a new way of life thank you sir for steppping up to the plate.

Pittsburgh's Jack Mook is a real guy's guy: he's a cop, a bachelor, and he boxes in his spare time. However, when the local foster kids he knew from the boxing gym stopped showing up due to terrible circumstances at home, he knew he had to intervene. Not only did Jack Mook remove them from their foster home to place them under his own roof, but he eventually went so far as to legally adopt the boys. Now his days are full of homework help, but he wouldn't change a thing.
This is truly inspiring and stories like this restore our faith in humanity.
Credits: CBS SundayMorning, Sfglobe
Congratulations on your awesome family! I hope we hear from you three again. I just know good things are down the road for all you.
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