I Really Love this. Wish there were more of these out there for us to see and make us smile instead of all of the sick junk we see on the net everyday.

Sometimes TV is simply repetitive and predictable, so it's refreshing to watch an unexpected new show. That's why these two dads came up with an exciting new way to keep you entertained. They asked a few kids to act out a scene between a salesman and a client, then re-enacted the scene themselves. You'll love these children's imaginations.

They call this series "Kid Snippets" and post new videos every Monday. Imagination is important to children's lives. It helps create social and language skills, confidence, and promotes intellectual growth. It's nice to see these dads encouraging it. Not to mention, it can be hilarious for adults! Can you imagine how TV shows would be if they were written by children? Credits: Wimp

Love their voices and the grown ups have the timing perfect. So funny!
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