You showed this young man it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be LOL, Good for the young man for being such a great sport !!!!

I counted about 84 in a minute. That's pretty impressive for any female. I don't care if she did wide arms to his close, she's 10 and her muscle endurance is great. Good on her. Good on him for having fun.

Who cares who won and the placement of arms and such. . Don't focus on who was doing them correctly. I am so impressed with this young lady and her strength. Most kids today can not do one of these. I say kudos to both of them for being such sports. 
Anyway respect to the young lady. she did very well. on the funny side, the marine might not live it down that a GIRL beat him at push ups but all in good fun. Credits: Amanda Lehr via YouTube
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