Thinking about life before Xena is difficult for the Hickey family. For years, it was impossible to get young Jonny to say a word. It wasn’t that the young boy couldn’t speak, he can read very well for his age, his autism held him back, making him feel isolated and closed off from the world.

When Jonny was 8, however, everything changed. Johnny’s mother, Linda, saw a news story about an abused puppy and decided to follow his recovery on Facebook. When the pup, Xena, was strong enough to attend a fundraising event, Linda brought her family, hoping to meet the brave little guy. Although hundreds of people wanted to adopt the dog, the Hickeys were chosen to raise the pup. Instantly, Linda, her husband and her oldest son started to see a big change in little Jonny.

“From that very first day, that dog was sitting in his lap in the car seat, giving him all these kisses,” Linda said. “And that’s where she’s been ever since.” Since the adoption, Linda has been giving updates to Xena’s 19,000+ fans on Facebook and most recently made a video featuring her son and the dog. “My name is Jonny and this is my puppy, Xena,” he says in the video. “Well, my Xena was hurt really bad by some not-so-nice people. And I have autism. So I think we make a pretty perfect team to spread the words to be nice to animals, and nice to kids like me.”
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  Credits: Petflow's blog.
What a ended so well..I cannot imagine a human treating a animal in such a horrible way. I hope they are caught and given the harshest sentence a judge can give out.
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