Blindness is an epidemic in the developing world. The amount pain and suffering caused by blindness is staggering. When a person in a developing country loses his or her eyesight, they say it’s like slow death. If a farmer goes blind, he loses his farm, all of his income, and then his family has to beg for food. For a child who loses their eyesight, they lose the chance to go to school, to get a job, and to lead any kind of normal life. It’s like a death sentence.

The saddest part about blindness is that it’s completely unnecessary. Half of the blind children and adults in the world can have their eyesight restored through a simple 15 minute procedure that costs only $300. The problem is that most of these people live on less than a dollar a day so they can’t afford the surgery.

Sonia and Anita are two sisters who were born blind. Thanks for 20/20/20, a non-profit organization that provides free operations for thousands of people, the sisters now have their eyesight.

To learn more about 20/20/20, visit their website. Credits: Lifebuzz via WonderWork

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