The spirit is in this one! But honestly, that's probably how I would react in that situation. Seems like a fun guy though so I hope he overcomes his shyness.

People usually go to a basketball game to, well, watch basketball. However, this guy had a special performance up his sleeve for the audience. As soon as Bon Jovi's hit song "Living on a Prayer" came on, the guy couldn't help but rock out. Not only that but, he tried to get the rest of the audience members around him involved in all the fun, too!

Jeremy Fry proved to be quite the enthusiastic fan, whether for the Celtics Basketball team or Bon Jovi. He even landed an interview for his impressive performance. Jeremy said he's been following the Celtics since he was seven years old, but he started to really get into the team the year before his surprise performance.
Credits: UncleChalie99, Wimp
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