Nice to see people doing original things. Anyone can paint with paint lol. If you coat it with sealer like a chalk drawing, should last.

Artist Cristiam Ramos is known for his unique artistic flair, specializing in pieces using atypical art mediums. Recently, Ramos has been producing works of art used entirely out of toothpaste, a familiar household item. I'm sure most people never expected it could be used in such a creative way, but Ramos is proving the masses wrong by creating beautiful works of art that use anywhere between 20-30 tubes of toothpaste. Ramos spends upwards of 200 hours on each piece, sometimes becoming overwhelmed by the minty scent that constantly surrounds him. All I know is after watching Ramos' technique I am seriously blown away! Have you ever seen anything like this? Credits: Sfglobe
Wow I congratulate you amazing work and what you do it blew me away love it a lot. Share this with your friends.
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