This is a great point but who is going to keep the populations of wolves in check. They are at the top of the food chain and now we are seeing the numbers of deer and elk populations starting to dwindle. Yes nature is good but we too are part of that food chain and it will be our job to keep the wolf populations in check. Again this is a great video, but one should stop and think what will happen if the story continues for centuries. What then? How will the impact of a over population of wolves effect the planet? How will the over population of wolves effect the other wildlife species, including the cow and sheep populations that provide us food? I encourage you all to think beyond the ending of this story, and what is happening now with an over population of wolves. Also remember, when wolves give birth they have large numbers of pups not 1 such as most of the bigger species they feed on. Just food for thought.
Credits: Sustainable Human
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