By Donna Williams

From time to time a cat needs a bath, especially if they go outside or get into something. I became the official cat washer in the family, because no one else had the guts to try it. I've had cats for 35 years and know how to bathe them. You fill a sink with some warm water, hold the cat in a firm grip somewhat like a football, secure its legs so it can't jump or climb up your arm, and slowly pour some water over it. Talk to them in a soft, loving voice, reassuring them how good they are. Suds 'em up, rinse 'em off, and wrap 'em in a towel like a burrito and give 'em love. Most of the time they don't even cry or try to get away. I can't say I've ever had a cat that loved its bath, but it certainly doesn't kill them.

Credits: mackigger
To clarify potential confusion on the health of Tigger, this is a description per Tigger's owner's Youtube video. We only posted this story knowing the context of situation.

"This bath was absolutely necessary....You may think cats are clean animals, and don't need baths, but Tigger really doesn't spend much time grooming himself for some reason. I decided to give him the bath this day because he came in with a couple car oil stains on his back which he was unable to clean himself, nor would it have been healthy for him to lick the chemicals off. He may not have been happy about the bath, but it was for his own good. We decided to film it because as soon as I started running the water, Tigger started making funny odd noises we had never heard, so we just thought maybe we should capture it! He is perfectly fine and was back to his usual self 5 minutes after the bath. No harm done! Tigger is a happy, healthy, spoiled, well-loved kitty!"

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