Tragic accidents like these happen far too often. One small fix can prevent them.

To get straight to the life-saving tips, watch the video below. But be warned: Although it's not real and uses a dummy version of a child to make a very serious point, it still feels pretty jarring.

Credits: Upworthy

Now that you know, do something!

If you have small children, check your furniture and TVs and anchor any that could be unstable.

My husband and I did exactly that when we became parents — not because we were intuitive, but because I got lucky and saw an article about the danger. I'm so grateful, because my daughter turned out to be a climber. She could have been a statistic.

Give someone else the ability to keep their kids safe. Share this!

Knowledge is power. And in this case, it's big — enough to keep kids alive and uninjured.
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