Started in 2012 by the United Nations, the purpose of the day is to raise awareness about Down Syndrome and “advocate for the rights, inclusion, and well being of people with Down syndrome.”

The Special Proposal seeks to encourage the inclusion of these individuals.

Salvatore and Caterina — who both have Down syndrome — dream of living together despite their disabilities.

In the video, Salvatore surprises Caterina with a key to their new apartment, where they will finally be able to realize their dream.

With an a cappella group performing Nora Jone’s “Come Away With Me” in the background, Salvatore’s proposal proves to be an incredibly heartwarming way to ask someone to move in.

In addition, while it is tough to know what it’s like to be in his shoes — and why he asked his love to move in with him first instead of proposing marriage — the ability for Salvator and Caterina to live together signifies independence and inclusion in society. One of the purposes of World Down Syndrome Day is to help raise awareness on these issues.

In 39 countries, others with Down syndrome are making their voices heard in honor of this special day.

Credits: Liftbump
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