Bullies don’t just become bullies out of nowhere. Studies show that children who were bullied had harsh parents who bullied them as well.

So if the viral video below is real and what it claims to be then you’ll know where this child got her bullying behavior from.

A viral video has been circulating for years with the title “Mother shaves daughter’s hair after she ‘bullies cancer girl’.”

WARNING: this video is quite disturbing and hard to watch and shows a girl screaming and writhing as a blonde woman speaking in what is believed to be Portuguese and forcefully shaves her head as others look on.

While some individuals on social media who believe the cancer bullying story said the girl got what she deserved, research shows that this type of thinking only perpetuates bullying.

“Results indicate that abusive discipline increased teenagers’ risk of abusing peers or being abused by them,” a 2016 study in Child Abuse and Neglect found, according to Scientific American. “For girls, the risk of being a bully was more closely connected to physical punishment, whereas for boys it was linked primarily to psychologically aggressive parental discipline. For both boys and girls, there was a direct correlation between falling victim to a bully and psychological aggression from parents.”

Basically, kids learn what they are taught by their parents. 

“If you do not wish to raise a bully, do not bully your own kids,” Arizona State Psychology Professor Julie A. Patock-Peckham says.

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Source: Daily Mail
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