When the cold weather begins to dominate the cities, all the people start to prepare for the winter season, to feel more comfortable inside with warm temperatures but one thing they neglect, they leave aside the feeling of their pets, forgetting them completely. 

They assume that their fur will be enough to keep them warm while the temperature
drops rapidly.

Although some kind of dogs maintain high temperatures although their bodies are covered in thick fur, they can still feel the cold like us!

The state of Pennsylvania has just introduced a new law that makes it illegal to leave a dog alone outside for more than 30 minutes in temperatures that drop below 32 degrees or exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pet owners who violate these restrictions could face up to $ 750 in fines and more than 90 days in prison.

The law was made thanks to 'Libre', a dog that suffered in terrible conditions. He was one of the lucky ones who has been saved before becoming one more number in statistics of abuse and negligence.

It’s been reported that anyone who violates this Law can be arrested and put in jail for one year, depending on the situation.

" This will not stop animal abuse altogether, but it will emphasize the importance of fairness to the suffering of animals, " said Jennifer Nields, who works at the Lancaster County Animal Coalition.

The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association also welcomed the new law and called it " an unprecedented gain for all animals ." Pennsylvania is the first state to take a stand when it comes to protecting animals from extreme weather conditions.

Many people make the mistake of supposing that dogs are eternally hot because of their "fur coats", but they too can be vulnerable to cold.

If you have a dog, always make sure it is properly prepared when the temperature drops.

Their legs often suffer when the ground is too cold, so watch your furry friend carefully.

On the other hand, if you find a dog that seems to be suffering from the cold, or you have knowledge of someone who ignores the basic needs of their pets, be sure to contact the
appropriate authorities for help.

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